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The 2023 Vector shape has been updated to keep up with the needs of the most advanced freestyle rider, and due to our new laminate spec, one of the strongest lightest boards on the market

Full clearcoat Twill carbon PVC sandwich construction.

Advanced to Expert Wing-board.


Short Compact, ultra-light High-performance foiling -“Freestyle Board”.
The Vector has been designed to be the world’s lightest high-performance carbon Sandwich Freestyle/performance wing foil board, which comes with foot strap inserts and a deck pad! The wing foil board’s profile has been designed to maximize flotation from the smallest size possible.

The Vector gives you the best flotation for size allowing you to generate instant forward motion and stability as soon as the wing powers up. The smaller dimensions and ultra-lightweight, (between 3.8 to 4.5kg) makes the Vector feel alive underfoot, she responds instantly to even the smallest inputs, allowing you to perform turns and jumps that you did not think were possible.

The bottom contour is flat, this surface has the lowest amount of drag and encourages planning, and release from the water surface.  The Vector also features a small kick in the rail making it easier to trim to foil, beveled rails for reduced drag while carving or sailing tight upwind angles. She also has a slightly lowered cockpit to improve stability. The Vector comes with custom "made to fit" EVA traction with multiple foot strap inserts to accommodate most riding styles

4’3” x 23” x 3.6” – 50L3.9KG
4’7” x 23.5” x 3.6” – 54L4.1KG
4’9” x 24” x 3.6” – 58L4.3KG
4’11” x 24” x 4.1” – 68L4.5KG
The Vector Hydrofoil Surf Board




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