The Razor

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Full Carbon PVC Sandwich Construction

The Razor, is our no-compromise flat water race board when speed and efficiency is everything.

* 2-year warranty


The Razor features a lower volume, aggressively swept back bow with a water-shedding deck profile. This feature brings the design more in line with modern trends while improving the board’s aerodynamic profile in crosswind conditions and helping to reduce the weight resulting in an ultra-light race craft. 

The bow has a higher entry volume under the waterline to aid in developing an efficient sine wave, allowing for more efficient movement in non-plaining conditions. During high-intensity bursts such as sprints and rapid acceleration, the sine wave generating nose, lifts out of the water, allowing for a more efficient path needed for high-speed water flow.

The aerated water is then directed into an aggressive central single concave. This in turn creates extra lift, further reducing the drag. There are subtle bevels just below the rails, to stabilize it and counteract the instability that a fast concave generates.

The Razor has a dugout cockpit that lowers the standing position improving stability. The cockpit drains out through holes just above the water line on both sides of the board.

14’ x 22” x 9.4” – 270L65 – 95kg12.5 kg (Est)
14’ x 23.5” x 9.5” – 300L75 – 100kg12.9 kg (Est)
14’ x 25” x 9.5” – 318L80 – 110kg13.2 kg (Est)




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The Razor
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