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Full Carbon PVC Sandwich construction

A favorite amongst our European customers. Our fastest most efficient wind foiling board.

Optimized for light wind foiling and strong wind, high-speed efficiency.



Full Carbon PVC Sandwich construction

This board is about flying FAST, – We aimed to design a board that would be the lightest and fastest Wingfoiling board on the water. 

The swift has also become a firm favorite of our European customers for its efficient profile and lift-off speed in lighter winds.

The shorter ULTRA-LIGHT Full Carbon PVC sandwich board reduces the pendulum action that delays the craft’s response during changing direction and pumping. The light weight also increases the lift generated by the foil, allowing for bigger riders on smaller foils or lower lift-off speeds.

We designed a board that is the fastest from standstill to foiling. The profile and surface geometry are designed to be as aerodynamic as possible without compromising on volume or weight. This board is FAST.

The bow and deck profile has been designed to help encourage efficient water flow under the hull, It also features the most aerodynamic profile for fast stable flight, especially in cross / upwind conditions.

The Boards hull features heavily beveled rails and a flat hull, which provides you with maximum speed and lift as well as the efficient release of the water's surface.

The twin 10.15” US “Twin Tracks system” AND Foot Strap Inserts are installed in a large 80Kg/m3 carbon-reinforced PVC base shaped on CNC machine. The multiple foot strap inserts have been positioned to accommodate most riding styles.


Rider weight

Board weight

5’3” x 26” x 4.7” – 85L

50Kg to 80Kg

4.9Kg Est

5’6” x 27” x 5.0 – 100L

60Kg to 90Kg

5.1Kg Est

6’0” x 28” x 5.1” – 115L

70Kg to 105Kg

5.5Kg Est

6’6” x 29” x 5.1” – 130L

80Kg to 110Kg

6.1Kg Est




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