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Full Carbon PVC Sandwich construction

The 2023 Ghost is the perfect allrounder and our best-selling board. From a stable beginner board to a light wind board for an advanced rider. The must-have board in your foil board quiver.

New to the sport? the Ghost is the perfect place to start.


“All-Rounder” SUP foil, Wing Foil board. The Ghost is a further refinement of the remarkably successful and best-selling “All-Rounder Design”

The Ghost was introduced 5 years ago and has received many design changes and updates to keep it at the forefront of the evolution of “All-rounder” Foil boards. This is our most successful foil board with over 190 boards on the water.

The Ghost has been designed as an All-Rounder Hydrofoil board for Sup Foiling and Wing Foiling. The outline profile is very efficient, has great stability, and is optimized to perform well whether catching waves or generating speed to foil with the wing.

The Ghost features flat beveled rails to reduce drag when touching the water surface while carving or while sailing tight upwind angles. She has a flat hull to make her more forgiving by not tracking when she touches down as well as being the most efficient surface to encourage planning and reduce drag while offering great surface release for liftoff. The Ghost has a less pronounced tail kick to be more efficient and still makes it easy to trim to a foiling state.

The shorter ULTRA-LIGHT Premium Carbon sandwich Construction board reduces the board's inertia and pendulum action that delays the craft’s response while changing direction and pumping. The lightweight also increases the lift generated by the foil, allowing for bigger riders on smaller foils or lower lift-off speeds.

The twin 10.15” US “Twin Tracks system” AND Foot Strap Inserts are installed in a large 80Kg/m3 carbon-reinforced PVC base shaped on CNC machine. The multiple foot strap inserts have been positioned to accommodate most riding styles.

5’3” x 26” x 4.4” – 87L50 – 80kg5.0KG
5’6” x 27” x 4.6” – 100L60 – 90kg5.1KG
6’0” x 28” x 4.8” – 115L70 – 105kg5.5KG
6’6” x 29” x 4.6” – 125L80 – 110kg6.1KG
6’6” x 30” x 5” – 140L90 – 120kg6.3KG
The Ghost Hydrofoil Sup Board








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