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Full Carbon PVC Sandwich Construction

A high-performance board that handles bigger waves with ease and control.

Guaranteed to shift your definition of a “High-Performance Longboard”.

Shaped By Lyndon Reed


We have done all our own R&D, developing this board completely from scratch over the last four years. We have perfected our Carbon Sandwich Technology, creating a very strong board, highly resistant to pressure dings and with an unmatched dynamic flex that only high-tech carbon sandwich construction can offer.

This is the most manoeuvrable board offering incredible dynamic speed, which makes it one of the fastest longboards in the water.

The Freestyler design has clean and gracious lines, with a pulled in nose that still allowed for good nose riding but helped with penetration off the lip. Its narrow pulled in, yet curvaceously rounded tail allowed for smooth turning.

The Freestyler has a continuous rocker line, with extra nose rocker added to help with radical takeoffs. The combination of the rocker line, bottom contour shape and the superior flex-reflex performance from the carbon sandwich construction makes this a very fast powerful board.

With all this surplus speed on hand, we decided to add a small amount of tail kick to help with steep, tight “in the bowl surfing” and improve the performance during hard fast turns.

As mentioned earlier, this board is going to shift your definition of a high-performance longboard.

We have a hollowed-out spoon in the nose, to encourage lift and add stability while on the nose. This flows into a gentle, single concave in the mid-section.

The single concave flows into a sharp, aggressive double concave by the fins, and then flattens out to the tail kick.

The rails are round and soft forward, going into very sharp acute in the tail for quick release.

9’2″ x 22 x 2.7′ – 63L4.9kg (Est)
9’4″ x 22″ x 2.7″ – 66L5.1kg (Est)
9’8″ x 22″ x 2.7: – 68L5.3kg (Est)
The Freestyler Longboard



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