• Hydrofoils


    Hyper² is the first wing in our range that utilizes our new 2-bolt fuselage system for an easier, yet tighter fit.

    This wing design screams high performance. Upgraded for 2022, the Hyper² has been designed to have the same look and feel as the original Hyper, but it is much faster and more efficient, with a broader speed range and a much higher top end. The thinner profile and narrower tips produce less drag.

  • Hydrofoils


    This is the one foil to rule them all.

    Designed by Adam Bennetts & Clifford Coetzer in search of the ultimate all-around surf foil.

    A cross between the Vortex and the Hyper.

    The carve and ease of turning of the Vortex.

    The ease of pump and efficiency of the Hyper.

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