Simon started his Composite career in 2011 when he was 22 years old. He was chosen along with 22 other hopefuls who passed a entry exam to be trained in the art of composites to manufacture multi megawatt wind turbine blades and at local R 100 000 000 start-up called Izivunguvungu Wind Energy Converter.

This was where Ian and Simon Met. Simon stood out from the pack in his passion eagerness to learn and quality of work and attention to detail. Unfortunately, I-WEK was eventually liquidated, and this is when ian and Simon Parted ways. Simon found his new passion in composites and decided to continue to peruse a career in the industry securing contract and permanent employment at industry leading board building composites such as Robertson & Caine.

During this time Ian was already underway building Zeal surf into a stable and successful business slowly scaling it up from his moms Garage into the company that it is today. Eventually the time came for Ian to add to the staff complement and due to his experience with Simon and his character he was naturally the first person who he had in mind to help him build Zeal Surf together.

Simon is currently attending leadership courses and Life Style In Action in order to further his natural leadership abilities so that he can eventual fulfil his dream and step into the factory management position as Zeal continues to grow.

Ian likes to think that he is behind the quality of the Zeal products, but this is actually all thanks to Simon, his passion and dedication to leadership and excellence. Ian only helps clean when needed ?

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