Drawing inspiration from

I’m a 4’10” bare foot little man. Iv been making water crafts from the age of 16 and am now at the age of 44 and still making watercrafts. I am old school hand shaper and specialize in Retro style loge’s and Single fins / Twin fins.

Over the last years I have gained valued experience and further developed my Retro surf passion by working for Anton Butler, Dave van Ginkel, Dave Stubbs Al Brown and a bunch of other brands in South Africa as a ghost shaper.

Ian Approached me with a idea of creating a 10 foot bamboo veneer single fin log style in Stand Up Paddle Board, I was intrigued by this idea and helped Zeal Surf develop there new Log using my retro design influence that I have developed over the past 28 years of shaping. If interested in the other retro boards that I shape you can contact me via my Face Book Page. www.facebook.com/lyndonsurf.

Until then, See you on the water.

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