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The Zeal information Hub

Learn about what makes our community great

Welcome to the Zeal Surf info hub where you will find everything you need to know about Supping and Surfing.

In the info hub portion of our site, we cover everything from the tech and the way we build our boards to give you maximum enjoyment to the experiences our clients have had using our boards.

We also aim to provide you with how to’s to give you the tips and tricks to get you mastering your board and the ocean.


Catch the latest Zeal surf news from interviews on various sup and surfing updates about Zeal Surf.

SUP Review: Why the Zeal Surf Easy Gliders are Sexy

SUP Review: Why the Zeal Surf Easy Gliders are Sexy

Board: Zeal Surf Easy GliderDimensions: 9.6′ X 30 X 3.9Volume: 131LShaper: Jon Cole When Ian from Zeal Surf…
Insider Interviews: Zeal Surf & Ian Wolmarans

Insider Interviews: Zeal Surf & Ian Wolmarans

Cape Town SUP caught up with Ian Wolmerans, the founder and developer behind the unique brand of Stand…


Our Carbon boards make use of the latest technological developments and manufacturing processes used to build premium Carbon Sandwich construction paddleboards.

Bamboo Construction Boards
SUP Carbon Sandwich

CLient Stories

Without you, our community, we wouldn’t be where we are today and we are grateful for you in many ways.

Charles Higgins

Charles Higgins

Ian’s knowledge on composites is far superior, and for us in the SUP/Surf/Foil industry we are very fortunate…
Craig Rly

Craig Rly

Had the pleasure of taking delivery of my second high performance Zeal carbon board, the new 7’8 Rocket…


Welcome to our Sup and Surf tips and tricks section. Here we aim to give you the best advice from buying your first board to that perfect Yoga pose at sunrise.

The Cape Town SUP Rocket

The Cape Town SUP Rocket

After doing a review on the ZealSurf Rocket, I decided that this is the board I want. I’ve…
Hydrofoils for SUP Geeks…

Hydrofoils for SUP Geeks…

Every now and then there is a news flash on it, slowly but surely the word is getting…

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