Full Carbon PVC Sandwich construction with Free Creatures Traction

The Flow foil board has been developed to be your “Go To” board for Kite / Wake  in Foiling.

* 2-year warranty

R13 500


Full Carbon PVC Sandwich construction with FREE CREATURES TRACTION

The board is designed to be as small and as light as possible.

R13 500

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The Flow foil board has been designed and built to be your “Go-To” board for Kite / Wake Foiling. An ultra-light compact pocket rocket.

The Flow design features include a flat planing hull, heavily bevelled rails, and a sunken cockpit. These features encourage stable foiling with maximum control in strong wind. The lightweight makes the board and foil ultra responsive.

Foiling is all about the smallest lightest board possible. Our Carbon Sandwich technology allows us to build the strongest lightest board on the market.

The Carbon Sandwich Flow averages between 2.8 -3.0kg depending on size.

The Flow comes standard with front and back foot strap inserts, AND Free Creatures traction worth over R 1600


4’0″ x 18.3″ x 2.2″ – 24L

4’6″ x 20″ x 2.0″ – 26L


• 2.8KG

• 3.0KG

FULL CARBON PVC​ Sandwich construction

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