Custom Made to fit your needs
WORLDWIDE DELIVERY in 4 to 6 weeks
1 year warranty

Up until not so long ago, both Stand Up Paddling and Surfing needed specific conditions in order to get the full experience. Enter the foil. Hydrofoil makes it possible to sup or surf in unexpected places. In other words, the limits are shrinking and the expansion of surfing is growing with exponential speed.
We joined the foiling community by handcrafting both sup and surf boards specific to foiling without compromising the quality or experience that our community has become accustomed to. We strive for excellence when producing our hand-craft boards, which are suitable for hydrofoil(s).


At Zeal Surf, we believe in pairing the best with the best.

Uni-Foil,A South African Brand, have been crafted from the ground up to suit your Hydrofoil needs. From the beginner everyday foil to the racing foil our range covers your every need.
From Humble beginnings in Jeffrey’s Bay 6 years ago, to leading the world with the most advanced foil designs. Attention to detail, relentless R & D, tried and tested designs and durable and robust materials is what sets Uni-Foil apart for the rest of the competition.


Get in touch with one of our team members to help assist and guide you in buying the right board.