Foil Surf Boards

The Swift

R21 990

Full Carbon PVC Sandwich construction

* 2-year warranty

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This board is about flight – our aim was to design a board that would be the lightest and fastest board on the water.

We designed a board that is the fastest from standstill to foiling, The profile and surface geometry is designed to be as aerodynamic as possible with out compromising on volume or weight. This board is FAST.

The bow and deck profile have been designed to help encourage efficient water flow over and under the hull, It also features the most aerodynamic profile for fast stable flight especially in cross / upwind conditions.

The Board features heavily beveled rails. This helps to reduce the chance of touch down and provides a flat surface to return you to a foiling state.
We have also included a sunken cockpit to lower center of gravity to improve stability and offer a more direct feeling.

The board has a single concave, this provides you with maximum speed and lift while catching waves.

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The Swift Range

Bevelled rails, with a flat touch down the surface with minimal drag

Board Dimensions

6.5 x 27 x 5.2 – 108L

7.0 x 28 x 5.2 – 122L

7.5 x 29 x 5.2 – 135L

8.0 x 30 x 5.2 – 151L

Rider Weight

55 – 80kg rider

60 – 85kg rider

70 – 95kg rider

80 – 110kg rider

Board Weight





All boards are handmade, therefore the advertised weights are approximate.

Board Construction

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We are more than happy to build you a custom board to your exact specification.