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R23 990

Full Carbon PVC Sandwich construction

* 2-year warranty

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The Scud is set to become one of most popular all-round stand-up paddle boards. Based predominantly on our fish / Egg Short board, but with some distinct differences.

The Scud’s smooth rounded outline, forgiving tail, and broad planning area with deep powerful central concave, is what makes this board a great all-rounder. It has been designed to have a broad range of suitable conditions. The Scud has an optimum operation range in 3 to 5-foot surf but designed to handle bigger surf in the 6 foot range comfortably.

The Scud’s important design features include a very wide rounded outline, to help the board turn on rail. A flat Rocker to assist with maximum speed in small flat surf with a little bit of micro tail kick, and a continuous rocker. There is a slight Nose kick to ease into the occasional steep take off or tight turns off the lip. It has a pronounced single concave in the center of the board, leading into a graceful fade out of this concave in a flat tail section.

The Scud comes with a 5-fin set up, she has been designed to be surfed as a quad, but also offers the versatility to be surfed as a thruster is the owner prefers of conditions require.

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The Scud Range

Board Dimensions

8’3” x 29” x 4.5” – 120L

8’8” x 30” x 4.5” – 131L

9’2” x 31” x 4.8” – 154L

9’2” x 31” x 4.8” – 154L

Rider Weight

70 – 85kg

80 – 95kg

90 – 110kg

95 – 120kg

Board Weight





All boards are handmade, therefore the advertised weights are approximate.

Board Construction

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