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R17 500

Bamboo Sandwich construction

R24 500

Full Carbon PVC Sandwich construction

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The Easy Glider, influenced by classic longboard designs, has been designed from the ground up. The design allows you to surf progressively (as a short board) making tight turns with the intent of moving up and down the wave face at a blistering pace.

Most longboarders prefer to ride in a more traditional fashion. The EasyGlider allows one to “glide” along the wave, casually enjoying the ride while walking the length to plant your toes on the nose. This model gives the best of both worlds. The “2 plus 1” configuration combines to produce excellent turning characteristics, with the added bonus of holding into the wave face, reducing problems such as sideslip whilst nose riding. It has a hollowed-out nose to encourage nose riding for the classic hang ten walking on water wave-riding experience. The water flows into a single concave mid for better lift and wave catching ability. This transcends into a double concave before the fins and then into a “V” in the tale for cushioned turning performance. Thin rails and a slightly domed deck do not only provide great water release and superior flex reflex characteristics but they also give the board beautiful flowing classic lines.

We are offering the Easyglider in two construction options both Carbon PVC sandwich and traditional Bamboo Wooden construction

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The EasyGlider Range

Board Dimensions

9’ x 29” x 3.5” – 111L

10’ x 30” x 3.6” – 131L

10’5” x 30” x 4.0” – 152L

11’ x 31” x 4.0” – 162L

Rider Weight

50 – 85kg

70 – 100kg

80 – 120kg

80 – 120kg

Board Weight





All boards are handmade, therefore the advertised weights are approximate.

Board Construction

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